Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Go Orange, Go Big Blue, Fight, Fight, BSU

That is a line from the Boise State University fight song.

Dale and I attended the Boise State v. Fresno State game on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It was fun! (BSU won 61-10.) Dale's grandpa Bill scored us tickets, and we went with my brother-in-law Mike. Good times.

A blowout is boring on TV but fun in person (if your team is winning of course), so we had a great time. I didn't take many pictures (and our camera is going out so they're not of great quality), but I've included some pics below.

Here Dale just purchased his blue/orange hair and we got a pose with Buster Bronco. Big stuff, that. (By the way, Dale is going on Day 3 of wearing the hair to school. Apparently they let him wear it during recess. Grace said that he looks like a troll doll.)

Here is a pic from the pre-game, from our seats.

A picture with the BSU backup quarterback. He started the game (as a senior; he'd never started one) but unfortunately threw an interception for a touchdown (FSU's only touchdown of the game). He played again but strangely enough didn't throw another pass. I tried to start a chant of his name but it didn't catch on with the crowd.

Here Dale and I participate in the post-game celebration. The trophy I am reaching for is the WAC championship trophy. Last year BSU didn't win the WAC for I think the first time since they have been in the conference. This year it's back! I can't quite reach it ...

My favorite picture. It's blurry but that's the head coach of BSU, Chris Peterson, rubbing Dale's trollhead for good luck. Pretty cool!

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